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Hey Everyone,

Tonight is the night that we make our grand return on the B&C weekend news at 10, with a National MEBA Remembrance Day Special Addition of the show.  Please note that we are only back for one night and one night only, but we do plan to have a few more special here-and-there. 

National MEBA (Myers Elementary Basketball Association) Remembrance day is held every year on January 23 to honor our basketball league that we were loyal to every day in elementary school.  The league was really a lot of fun for us back then, and that's the way we plan to make this show, very light and funny. 

We're working on getting a few former MEBA player to call in to join Collin and I (former commishs/refs) on the radio airwaves tonight.  We will share some fun stories and memories with you. 

In addition, Collin and I will update you on what's been going on since our last show, which was in September.  We have missed the Weekly Newscast, but have moved on to great things! 

If there's any questions, comments, or suggestions that you would like let us know about, please email us at newspodcasts@aol.com

Tonight's show will go up on our sidebar here at www.newspodcasts.piczo.com afterwards, but you can listen live at www.blogtalkradio.com/Cubbiefan07

We'll also take your calls tonight at 1-347-677-1849. 


Hey everyone,

Happy New Year! 

I hope everyone had a great holiday!  All my hosting, blogging, and writing have been going great.  I've missed the B&C Shows, but we've moved on to even bigger and better things! 

However, I will be returning to www.blogtalkradio.com/Cubbiefan07 for a one night special hosted on that page (the Cubbiefan07 player is also on the right side of this site). 

On Saturday January 23 at 10:00 PM CT, I will host the National MEBA Remembrance Day Special.  1-23 is NMRD every year, and this will be our fourth year honoring it, but our first year broadcasting about it. 

MEBA, which stands for Myers Elementary Basketball Association, was the basketball league that we had for 3 years.  Topic will include MEBA memories, trivia, Hall of Fame, and more.  I was a ref and commissioner. 

I should be joined by my co-commissioner and former co-host of the B&C Weekend News at 10 Collin C., as well as a few former MEBA players that we'll catch up with. 

I'll have more updates on the special show in the next two weeks.  Email any thoughts to newspodcats@aol.com


Well, things have been going great since the end of B&C Weekend News @10.  There are plans for us to return to the airwaves sometime for a few special shows in December or January.  Lots has been going on for Collin and I since we stopped B&C.  We are now the hosts our school radio program.  If you'd like more info on how to listen to us on the school program, just email us at newspodcasts@aol.com.  For now, I would encourage everyone who misses B&C to go back in the archives on www.blogtalkradio.com/Cubbiefan07 and www.blogtalkradio.com/CollinC to listen to all of our past shows. 

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!  Can you believe it's November already? 

I will be blogging again something during the month of December to update you!  Keep checking back! 

After about 7 months of shows, we're done for awhile.  Collin and I have a lot going on, including exploring other radio-show related adventures.  For the time being, the B&C Weekend News at 10 will be stopped. 

The show was LOTS of fun for us and I hope you all enjoyed listening to it as much as I enjoyed hosting it.  The shows sometimes would go just like we'd planed... other's wouldn't... but either way they were entertaining and fun. 

This may not be goodbye forever, we could return sometime.  There may be a special edition of the show every now and then... plus we could return at some point in 2010 if/when our schedule clears.  Continue to check this site, because I will keep you posted on any news related to our show, or let you know if we have any special editions coming up.  I plan to post on this site in the first few day of each month, so check back here at the start of November for an update. 

Also, I need to give some special thanks for making our broadcasts possible. 

I want to thank DJ CJ for his fine music related contributions, as well as all of our other contributers for all of their fine work:
Among Others...

I want to thank anyone that took the time to let us interview them.  People were very nice to us about interviewing them and we appreciate it very much.  Special thanks to Mayor Olga, Nancy Clark, Jeff (LLWS Int.), the people from the BioBilitz, and many others. 

I want to thank anyone who called in to any of our shows (yes, even Ten Ones), emailed us, or told us how you felt about the show.  We like to get our listeners involved and hear from you! 

I want to thank each and every one of you who listened to the B&C Weekend News at 10, ...and I hope you enjoyed. 

And lastely, I want to thank my partner on the broadcasts Collin C.  It would not be possible to do the show by myself, and Collin was dependable in hosting each and every week.  No matter what... we put a go product out every week.  At the end of the day, I couldn't have done it without Collin. 

A reminder, you can still here all of our past shows!  We encourage everyone to go back and listen to all the episodes they missed!  Here are the 2 links:

Feedback?  Email us at newspodcasts@aol.com.  I will contine to check that email and I hope to hear from you! 

So until next time, (however long that may be), "Stopping one great adventure to pursue others" is the answer, I'll we'll talk to in the future!

We have a jam packed show for you tonight coming up at 10 PM CT here on this fine late summer Saturday night.  TD will have video game reviews for you, CJ will handle the music, and Tank is also scheduled to appear with video game reviews. 

Collin and I will have the ever popular B&C Debate this week as well!  News, weather, and sports are also included as always. 

Remember you can call in at 1-347-677-1850 or email us any time at newspodcasts@aol.com

Collin and I will go live tonight in just about 5 minutes. 
Click to listen live:

As always, if you miss the show it will be on the right side of our site mainpage in the blue BTR CollinC box later.

Also, Remember that all shows are now on Itunes. 

The Little League audio will be changed to the 6th inning!  It is located on the bottom our page in the video boxes.  (This will be changed after tonight's show or tomorrow AM)


Tonight's show starts at 10pm CT and goes for an hour.  We will have a special interview with a mayor tonight, as well as news, sports, and weather as always. 

Collin and I invite all of you to listen live on this Piczo site or at this link:
If you miss the show, it can be found on the right hand side in one of the blue boxes on this website to listen back to it at a later date. 

Also, the 6th inning of our LL Play-by-play is now up on the bottom of this site. 

Call in tonight at: 1-347-677-1850!
Email us anytime at: newspodcasts@aol.com.

Hope you'll join us!


First of all, I've uploaded the 5th inning of the Indiana State Little League tournament game that Collin and I did play-by-play for.  The first 3 innings can be heard by clicking on the top show on the blue Cubbiefan07 box.  Enjoy! 

Tonight Collin and I will have our Weekly Newscast which will include the usual sports, news, and weather as well as 2 special reports that I did: 1 from Chicago Bears Training Camp, the other on the Road to Wrigley game! 

You can tune it at:
Or call at 1-347-677-1849. 

Next week Collin and I will get the chance to sit down with the mayor of a medium sized city.  Have questions about what it's like to be a mayor?  Then email us at newspodcasts@aol.com.  We'll have more info on this interview on tonight's show. 


If you scroll down on the main page of our website, you will find 3 video boxes (actually its only audio but you get the audio by clicking play on the video boxes).  Those boxes are the live playbyplay that Collin and I recored from the Indiana State Little League Tournament.  Due to lack of space and a way to differ boxes, only one inning will be posted on their at a time.  If you missed it, the first 3 innings were played on one of our live shows:

So we uploaded the 4th innings, if you scroll down the top box on the right hand side of our page is the top of the 4th, the middle box is the start of the bottom of the 4th, and the bottom box is the rest of the 4th after the pitching change. 

Next week, I will remove the 4th inning and put the 5th inning in it's place. 

Don't forget, tomorrow night is the B&C Back to School Special.  We will have the normal Sports and News, plus callers, clips from the school's out special, and special music.  The show is on the page:
and will be live from 10-11 PM CT tomorrow (Friday) night.  This show will be the only one this weekend. 

Email us your thoughts: newspodcast@aol.com
And you can call the show at 1-347-677-1850. 


I would like to apologize to our listeners (and Collin) for last night's schedule show that we did not have.  We were going to play the rest of the LL play-by-play from the Indiana State Little League Tournament for you.  Instead of playing it on a show, I will upload the rest of the game (inning by inning) to this website.  We invite all of you to listen once it is uploaded (should be done by the end of the week). 

This week, we will be hosting a the Back-to-School edition of the B&C News at 10.  We'll have music, callers, clips from our school's out show in June, and More.  This show will also include the normal news and sports, and will be on Saturday night from 10-11. 

More on all that later in the week!